Updated ability to log in

Sorry about the brokenness for livejournal users. LiveJournal made a change to its OpenID service which went to a stricter definition of the spec. This broke Drupal's openID module. Unfortunately for everyone, I guess nobody else is using OpenID with LiveJournal because I eventually had to fix it. This is now fixed and should work.

Additionally, I've also added Facebook and Twitter authentications, both of which are actually more convenient, since they're more or less one click (or more if you aren't actually logged into the service). If you do this, it will create a new local account for you which won't be authorized. If you then tell me about it, I can go and associate it with an already existing account or authorize you, whichever needs to be done. For example, I have successfully associated my account with LiveJournal, Twitter AND facebook.

You can also login using your gmail account by entering this as your openID:

It will then ask you to complete registration. This isn't really as convenient of a login as twitter's oauth, though.