Perhaps we watch too many movies

This only makes sense if you've seen Up.

So I put Ms. Sprout in the bath the other night, and she picked up the book she has for the bath (one of them plastic things), and she says "I read to you, mommy!"

Me: Ok, sure.
C: *opens book, points at spot near top of page* Mommy! Here is where I put my clubhouse!
me: Clubhouse?
C: Yeah mommy. I put it right at the top of Paradise falls!
Me: Realllllly.
C: Yeah! I go to South America! I have adventures! This is MYYYYYYYadventure book *waves book around*.
Me: *tries not to crack up*
C: See mommy? This is parad.. I *ripped* this page right out of the liberry book!
me: You know you're not supposed to really rip pages out of the library books, right?
C: Yes mommy. But here's my clubhouse. It's in south america!
Me: You're going to South america then?
C: Yeah. *crosses one arm, puts chin in other hand, looks upward, sighs* I just don't know how I'm gonna get there.

Me: *falls over*