One other thing

Charlotte actually used her training potty for the first time today. OMG. We're not seriously potty training yet, she's not ready. She tells us maybe once every 4 days that she needs a change.I'm pretty sure on some occasions she knows she needs a change, she's just thinks it's a game to make us guess. Apparently she hasn't figured out that we pretty much already know she needs a change, and that the whole 'play like I don't know I have a giant smelly diaper' isn't actually funny.

I've been encouraging her to sit on her training toilet while she waits for her bath to run. I figure it's there, and it gives her a set routine for using it, so that it's not scary or weird or whatever - it's just a thing we do. Because HEY, it is. Most of the time, she thinks it's a game to sit down and stand up repeatedly until the bath is done running, but today, woo, step forward:)