May 2 update

Sprout is 1 day old. I'm home briefly to eat, sleep, shower and post pictures. (Guess which of those 4 I've accomplished!). Uriel comes home tomorrow morning.

Sprout is absolutely beautiful. So far everything is perfect. She's really, really strong, and loves having her feet sticking way up in the air (explains why she was always kicking Uriel in the ribs, painfully) and her first day was mostly sleeping and snuggling.

I've posted a few pictures, and I've marked most of the private. We're pretty liberal with authorizing people we know, but we want to keep completely random people from easily seeing this stuff. There's just enough crazies out there in the world, and everyone in the world can see the internet.

This is mostly Lynette's site, so I probably won't be a primary poster here, but since she's in a hospital bed and I'm not, we're sharing.

Thanks to everyone for the congratulations and well-wishings. They mean a lot to us!