Copied in part from Earl's LJ:


Yesterday, she turned 11 months old. Just before she turned 10 months old, she started walking (right before we went to Boston, in fact, so she was toddling around the hotel room getting her sea legs, so to speak.) In the last couple of weeks she's started really picking up various signs -- she knows at least a dozen signs now and it seems to grow nearly daily.

Anyway, neither of those are what I wanted to talk about here; they just set the stage. I take care of her pretty much by myself 3 days out of the week. I fed her breakfast and lunch, but a couple hours after lunch, she was making the eat sign. But she wouldn't eat the Os I had out for her, so I figured she was just being difficult.

She disappeared toward the kitchen for a minute, so I started to get up to see what trouble she was getting herself into, and she appears around the corner with a packet of oatmeal that she is holding out. She toddles up to me and thrusts it at me in the "Here, take this". As soon as I do, she makes the eat sign and toddles off to the kitchen. Now, she loves oatmeal, so I figure I'll go ahead and make it for her, and I'm expecting her to eat a couple of bites of it and then go off and be bored.

No. She devoured the entire serving. She doesn't normally eat an entire serving of oatmeal. But she ate this, even though she'd had a sizable lunch.

I am shocked that she is cognizant enough to understand that the oatmeal that she loves comes from those packets, and that she was able to so clearly communicate to me that she wanted me to make it without actually using more than just the 'eat' sign. At 11 months old.