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Charlotte is here!

Relayed Via IM from the hospital:
>(10:31:43 AM) MerlinOfChaoss: We have a healthy baby girl!

Officially born at 9:15am, 7lb4oz, 19in.

All are healthy and doing well.

More info coming shortly... Don't touch that dial!

Edit: 10:19am -- We have a PICTURE!

At the hospital

We're at the hospital. Lynette is currently confined to her bed where she is undergoing super duper medical technology to ripen her fruit. Things appear to be progressing well; Sprout dropped a bit before we went in, and she's already had a couple of decent contractions, so I'd say we're in the very early stages of labor, even before the drugs started.

The crib, ready to go.

The crib, ready to go.

Some toys, and the lovely quilt made by Mindy, and the one from BHA hanging at the side:)

It's Cranky Penguin!

Welcome to Cranky Penguin! This site is an offshoot of logrus.com, owned and maintained by the same folks. This site's a little different though. It's main purpose is a secure site for our friends and family to see pictures and stuff about the Sprout, who is due to join us ANY TIME NOW REALLY.

Cranky Penguin uses OpenID, with moderation/verification. If you have a LiveJournal, and are logged in, you should be able to use your username.livejournal.com to log in. One of us will have to authorize you, and then you'll be able to see any content that we've marked private.

What do you think of Cranky Penguin?

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