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Updated ability to log in

Sorry about the brokenness for livejournal users. LiveJournal made a change to its OpenID service which went to a stricter definition of the spec. This broke Drupal's openID module. Unfortunately for everyone, I guess nobody else is using OpenID with LiveJournal because I eventually had to fix it. This is now fixed and should work.

Additionally, I've also added Facebook and Twitter authentications, both of which are actually more convenient, since they're more or less one click (or more if you aren't actually logged into the service). If you do this, it will create a new local account for you which won't be authorized. If you then tell me about it, I can go and associate it with an already existing account or authorize you, whichever needs to be done. For example, I have successfully associated my account with LiveJournal, Twitter AND facebook.

You can also login using your gmail account by entering this as your openID:

It will then ask you to complete registration. This isn't really as convenient of a login as twitter's oauth, though.

Perhaps we watch too many movies

This only makes sense if you've seen Up.

So I put Ms. Sprout in the bath the other night, and she picked up the book she has for the bath (one of them plastic things), and she says "I read to you, mommy!"

Me: Ok, sure.
C: *opens book, points at spot near top of page* Mommy! Here is where I put my clubhouse!
me: Clubhouse?
C: Yeah mommy. I put it right at the top of Paradise falls!
Me: Realllllly.
C: Yeah! I go to South America! I have adventures! This is MYYYYYYYadventure book *waves book around*.
Me: *tries not to crack up*

One other thing

Charlotte actually used her training potty for the first time today. OMG. We're not seriously potty training yet, she's not ready. She tells us maybe once every 4 days that she needs a change.I'm pretty sure on some occasions she knows she needs a change, she's just thinks it's a game to make us guess. Apparently she hasn't figured out that we pretty much already know she needs a change, and that the whole 'play like I don't know I have a giant smelly diaper' isn't actually funny.

Copied in part from Earl's LJ:


Yesterday, she turned 11 months old. Just before she turned 10 months old, she started walking (right before we went to Boston, in fact, so she was toddling around the hotel room getting her sea legs, so to speak.) In the last couple of weeks she's started really picking up various signs -- she knows at least a dozen signs now and it seems to grow nearly daily.

Watch out world!

The wee one started walking today. RUN FOR THE HILLS.

Just in time for the holiday season:

A list of things to definitely not buy:


I don't actually plan on going crazy buying toys for Sprout this year - I figure that other people will probably give her toys. She'll be 8 months old by that point. I haven't actually *gotten* her many toys. A few. She likes putting everything in her mouth, so last night I bought her a cloth book, so it won't be ruined by the eating.

Uriel paints a scene

You say "It's 9 PM"
You say "the place: Costco parking lot"
You say "It's dark, cool, and windy."
You say "In the car, a child cries."
You say "The crying builds, as the child's parents attempt to figure out how to
load the car."
You say "The poor infant's mother leans into the car to check on the child,
reaching a hand into the seat, only to feel warm dampness."
You say "In short: I hope nobody else ever has to change a baby in the dark in
the rear seat of a car after a huge diaper blowout."

What should we name Charlotte's cephalopod

Something I forgot

Practicing for Talk Like a Pirate Day

#1 reason it's way better to be a new parent than an insomniac.

When I've got insomnia, I just wake up/get up totally exhausted.

When I get up now, I might be really tired, but I have this to greet me:

May 2 update

Sprout is 1 day old. I'm home briefly to eat, sleep, shower and post pictures. (Guess which of those 4 I've accomplished!). Uriel comes home tomorrow morning.

Sprout is absolutely beautiful. So far everything is perfect. She's really, really strong, and loves having her feet sticking way up in the air (explains why she was always kicking Uriel in the ribs, painfully) and her first day was mostly sleeping and snuggling.

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